Q-Codes are special amateur radio codes designed to shorten conversations over Morse code. Over time, they have entered into the voice communications as convenient ways to make things easier to say, similar to 10-codes. QTH is the amateur radio Q-code for "What is your location?" When used in voice, it can simply refer to location. "My QTH is ...". This site showcases what we do for remote or mobile "QTH" operation. We'll post videos and commentary to show off what we do. The ability to operate for disasters will be a major goal, but any kind of remote or mobile operation will be fair game. We welcome comments and suggestions. -- KE6LMF and KK6AFI.

  • Pismo Beach, July 6 2013

    My wife and I were in Pismo for my sister’s wedding.  Although we didn’t have a lot of time for it, we just had to try setting up on the beach.

    The first major issue was more … more

  • Under Construction

    Our first video has just been posted, so I'm sure we'll start getting some traffic.  I'll be posting the write-up on the video soon.  Note that there will continue to be changes as we build … more

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